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Crusha is a well-known brand of milkshake mix, sold in the United Kingdom & Australia. The brand first appeared in the 1950s, and was bought by British Sugar. In December 2001, it came under the Silver Spoon brand. Crusha is often the milkshake of choice in cafés. However, it is also sold in shops, for home mixing in bottles, of from 250ml to 1l in size.

It was originally sold in glass bottles, but was later changed to plastic. Crusha is sold in many different flavours of which chocolate, banana, strawberry and raspberry are the most common. Other flavours have also been sold including vanilla, lime, black cherry and pineapple. In October 2003, British Sugar admitted a secret plot to clear faulty milkshakes from Tesco, without telling the company.

Two new flavours were released in May 2005: white chocolate and "Wild'n'Fruity". Small bottles of Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate and Raspberry are widely available from supermarkets. The remaining flavours are only available in large bottles, from either Cash & Carrys or Asda. Lime Crusha is regarded as something of a 'cult drink', and for a time was not stocked by many shops, due to low customer demand. However, when Morrisons, as well as Waitrose resurrected Lime Crusha in March 2010, it rapidly established itself as its highest selling flavour.

In 2003, Joel Veitch animated two commercials for Crusha, featuring singing kittens and crushing cows under bottles. Music for the commercials was provided by Mammoth Music. In 2007, this was banned from television, due to a man from Lowestoft, United Kingdom producing an recreation with live cats. He was arrested, after clips of his videos on YouTube drew the attention, of an local and national news campaign. In 2008, Joel Veitch produced another advert campaign, this time showing cats dancing around bottles of the product.

There was also an "Nothing Artificial" version of some of their flavours. In August 2007, after receiving thousands of complaints from dismayed customers, about the wildly different taste of the new 'Nothing Artificial' version of Strawberry Crusha, it was confirmed that they would revert to the old recipe.