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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Crumpy \Crump"y\ (kr[u^]mp"[y^]), a. Brittle; crisp.


a. brittle; crisp

Usage examples of "crumpy".

As for Mrs Sexty Parker, from week to week, and from month to month, and at last from year to year, she and her children,--and probably her husband also,--were supported by the weekly pension of two sovereigns which she always received on Thursday mornings form the hands of Mr Crumpy himself.

In a little time the one excitement of her life was the weekly journey to Mr Crumpy, whom she came to regard as a man appointed by Providence to supply her with 40s on Thursday morning.

No one ever did know any more about it, and Crumpy continued to pay the money.

If he hadn't been so sure that the Good Lord had blessed the mission, he'd have been a mite crumpy about what was turning into an exhausting ordeal.

She wasn't nearly as mad as I would have been, although I must say she was acting downright crumpy about the whole thing.

I said, getting a little crumpy myself, "you still haven't told me what happened to Ruby Bee.

Arly Hanks was always crumpy when he ran into her, leaving him to wonder if she remembered his reputation in high school.

It was a mite crumpy for November, maybe an ominous sign of things to come.