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Crug is a Welsh word meaning barrow, cairn, or hillock.

It may also refer to:

Usage examples of "crug".

By the time Crug took over from the exhausted Droog, the young animal was visibly winded.

Grod and Droog bound their spears together, Crug and Goov did the same, making two reinforced poles of the four spears.

The three young hunters reached the box canyon and Crug turned into it.

Then Crug jumped up from behind the boulder in front of the faltering mammoth trumpeting in agony, and plunged his long, pointed spear straight into her open mouth.

As Crug reached for another spear, Brun, Grod, and Droog reached the canyon and raced to the blind end, leaping up on the rocks at either side of the huge, pregnant mammoth.

Droog and Crug found their way to the mountain meadow while she and the baby slept.

Goov moved to the snag with two men from the other clans, and Crug went to the fallen log with two others.

Here, with his own force and that of Stewart, numbering fifteen hundred men, he was joined by Col. Cruger from Ninety-Six, with thirteen hundred more.

When Alexander became an orphan at twelve or thirteen, Cruger took the boy in.

Tell General Cruger to get his marines across those borders and take their objectives.