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n. (CRT English)


CRTS - Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists in the United States are third party certified providers who assist older adults and their families through often stressful transitions, such as moving to a senior living community or modifying a home to age in place.

The CRTS designation is awarded to individuals in the unregulated Senior Move, Relocation and Transition industry who meet experience, eligibility and exam requirements. Oversight for the CRTS designation is the responsibility of the NCBAC (National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care). All CRTS certificants become part of the CRTS Professional Registry which is available for families through a national website.

CRTS professionals include Realtors, local and long distance movers, appraisers, estate sale specialists, home care professionals, professional organizers, Senior move managers and more. CRTS professionals focus on alleviating client and family stress associated with relocation. CRTS professionals are a qualified resource for families and are trained to understand how home transitions are often complicated by factors such as health, personal asset management, dementia and complex family dynamics.

CRTS Certified professionals are required to pass criminal background checks, meet ongoing insurance, and continuing education requirements.

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I imagined her moving her fingers and arms and stepping here and there as fiber optics made it possible for her to read every inch of the terrain on her CRTs.