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init. 1 (context electronics English) (initialism of cathode ray tube English) 2 display using a cathode ray tube 3 (context software English) (initialism of w:C runtime C Run Time English) n. 1 (context computing English) a monitor that uses a cathode ray tube 2 (context mathematics English) the Wikipedia:Chinese remainder theorem in Abstract Algebra


CRT may refer to:

Crt (genetics)

CRT is the gene cluster responsible for the biosynthesis of carotenoids. Those genes are found in eubacteria, in algae and are cryptic in Streptomyces griseus.

Usage examples of "crt".

The belief was that Waits had already discarded or hidden his tools and was in the process of disposing of the bodies of the two victims when he drew the attention of the CRT officers.

While the dead tree book uses a font with serifs, Verdana and other sans-serif fonts cause less eyestrain when reading from a CRT or other types of computer displays.

A decade ago, the Center had been a huge thing, dozens of intelligence techs with the funny little CRT displays of the era.

Arion's CRT was busily finding the cube roots of tendigit numbers.

That is, once you've called the number that links you to the computer, you must use a teletypewriting or CRT apparatus compatible with the Defence system.

She compared the attitude shown on the CRT display with that given by the eight-ball, the attitude direction indicator.

I imagined her moving her fingers and arms and stepping here and there as fiber optics made it possible for her to read every inch of the terrain on her CRTs.

And the numbers it flashes up on the CRT tell you where to look on your reticles, and you should see your computed landing site right there, behind the mark.