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init. 1 (initialism of Can't Remember shit Shit English) 2 (context US realtors English) Certified Residential Specialist 3 (context cartography English) (initialism of Cartographic Reference System English) 4 (context computer aviation travel English) 5 (context space NASA English) (initialism of Commercial Resupply Services English) 6 (context technology English) (initialism of w:cold rolled steel cold rolled steel English) (gloss: Steel that has been processed while remaining relatively cold. Often cold rolled steel is coated in oil to prevent corrosion.) 7 (context British English) (initialism of w:Co-operative retail Services Co-operative retail Services English) 8 (context government US English) (initialism of w:Congressional Research Service Congressional Research Service English) 9 (initialism of Chinese restaurant syndrome English)


CRS may refer to: