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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A crossbar network connects the processors at 800Mbytes per second.
▪ Beresford fed the ball in to Robert Lee, who turned and cracked a shot against the crossbar.
▪ Blissett took the ball from Howey, then exploded a right-foot volley that Wright somehow juggled over the crossbar.
▪ Crusaders did have tough luck seconds before the final whistle when a desperation drive by Jim Gardiner bounced off the crossbar.
▪ I hit some crossbars, some posts.
▪ Loi grabbed with both hands for a crossbar and clung on.
▪ Right then, a crank breaks and the rider lands with full weight on the frame crossbar, then crashes.
▪ Whitley's goalkeeper Brian Dickson, a chef for a hospital catering company, bubbled away underneath the flat, old-fashioned crossbars.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Crossbar \Cross"bar`\ (-b[aum]r`), n. A transverse bar or piece, as a bar across a door, or as the iron bar or stock which passes through the shank of an anchor to insure its turning fluke down.

Crossbar shot, a projectile which folds into a sphere for loading, but on leaving the gun expands to a cross with a quarter ball at the end of each arm; -- used in naval actions for cutting the enemy's rigging.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from cross- + bar (n.1).


n. 1 Any transverse bar or piece, such as a bar across a door, or the iron bar or stock which passes through the shank of an anchor. 2 (context sports English) The top of the goal structure.

  1. n. a horizontal bar that goes across something

  2. game equipment consisting of a horizontal bar to be jumped or vaulted over

  3. long thin horizontal crosspiece between two vertical posts


Crossbar may refer to:

Crossbar (computer hardware manufacturer)

Crossbar is a startup company founded in 2010, and based in California, USA. Crossbar develops a class of non-volatile resistive random-access memory (RRAM) technology. Crossbar RRAM memory allows the ability to deliver up to a terabyte (TB) of storage on a single chip the size of a postage stamp, with very low power, very high performance and compatibility with standard CMOS semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Usage examples of "crossbar".

At the moment of cutover, while the crossbar had howled out, the ESS had come to life and taken over the thirty thousand lines cut off from the old crossbar switch.

Drij began, then glanced over her shoulder at the crouching Amar still tied to the crossbars of the tongue.

God damn it, here comes the one who gives the orders in the midst of the panic of office workers and the persistent adulators who proclaimed him the eternal one, all through the house he left the rocky trail of his blacksmith-oven wheeze, he disappeared into the hearing room like a fugitive lightning flash toward the private quarters, he went into the bedroom, shut the three crossbars, the three bolts, the three locks, and with his fingertips he took off the pants he was wearing that were soaked in shit.

The hall, about thirty feet long, had once been half-panelled but all that remained of the original wood were odd pieces which were pegged to the crossbars and had resisted being wrenched off by marauders.

The telephone pole was as he left it too, standing forlornly in the center of the palisade, its crossbars clutching wires that stretched off into infinity.

Cut it into five-inch chunks, use a vise to bend a hook into one end, hook it over the crossbar, run it through a hole in the center of the bowl and use a wingnut to hold the bowl down.

It was easy to hook the curved end of the bolt under the crossbar and twirl the wingnut down to tighten it.

With attackers coming at Atalan and the remaining Trolls from every direction, Kermadec and Barek heaved against the levers that engaged the pulleys and began to slide the crossbar free.

Two stout, locked, and crossbarred (from the other side, of course) doors are to the left and right.

At the beginning of this corridor, another hall jutted off to the rear and ended at a crossbarred wooden door as impres­sive as Laker Broome's.

At the beginning of this corridor, another hall jutted off to the rear and ended at a crossbarred wooden door as impressive as Laker Broome's.

Perhaps his feeble status is indicated most vividly in his laugh--or rather, in his inability to laugh: the sound he makes is painful, "like a nail being crossbarred out of a plank of green pine.

But above that the brick wall was windowless except for the single tall crossbarred rectangle and he thought again of the Sunday nights which seemed now to belong to a time as dead as Nineveh when from suppertime until the jailer turned the lights out and yelled up the stairs for them to shut up, the dark limber hands would lie in the grimed interstices while the mellow untroubled repentless voices would shout down to the women in the aprons of cooks or nurses and the girls in their flash cheap clothes from the mail order houses or the other young men who had not been caught yet or had been caught and freed yesterday, gathered along the street.

The object propped up against a crossbarred brace contrivance looked very similar, like a coffin following the body contours, only this one was molded from some transparent polymer.

They stayed on the west side of the road leading out of the park, away from the ball games that were ending and the players and fans packing up their blankets and gear, and moved to a picnic table just at the edge of a solitary spruce close by the crossbar.