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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Croslet \Cros"let\ (kr?s"l?t; 115), n. See Crosslet.


n. (alternative form of crosslet English)

Usage examples of "croslet".

Of the croslet, and blew well afterward, Till that the coals beganne fast to brenn.

And this canon into the croslet cast A powder, I know not whereof it was Y-made, either of chalk, either of glass, Or somewhat elles, was not worth a fly, To blinden* with this priest.

Our urinales, and our descensories, Phials, and croslets, and sublimatories, Cucurbites, and alembikes eke, And other suche, *dear enough a leek,* *worth less than a leek* It needeth not for to rehearse them all.