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n. (context UK East Anglia English) A garden or agricultural implement with 3 or 4 tines bent at right angles, in appearance like a garden fork with bent prongs. Used for breaking up soil, clearing ditches, raking up shellfish on beaches, and similar tasks. vb. (context UK East Anglia English) To use a crome.


Crome may refer to:

  • Crome, former name of Chrome, California, community in Glenn County
  • Crome, California, community in Kern County
  • August Friedrich Wilhelm Crome (1753–1833), German economist
  • Carl Crome, Law Professor in Berlin
  • Georg Ernst Wilhelm Crome (1781–1813), German agricultural scientist
  • John Crome (1768–1821), English painter
  • Louise Crome, New Zealand squash player
  • Ludwig Gottlieb Crome (1742–1794), German philologist and teacher
  • Peter Crome (1938–2003), German journalist and author
  • Crome – a pond raking tool that resembles a long handled fork with 4 tines bent at 90° (also referred to as a 'Drag')

Usage examples of "crome".

East Anglia were the Cromes, the Opies, John Sell Cotman, Elizabeth Fry, Dr.

She spoke so passionately that some of the Historians believed her, even the ones like Dr Karuna who had been passed over for promotion when Crome put Valentine in charge of their Guild.

Inspector Glen from Andover, Superintendent Carter of the Sussex police, Japp and a younger inspector called Crome, and Dr.

Inspector Crome had come round from the Yard, and while he was still there, Franklin Clarke and Megan Barnard came in.

Crome, I thought, looked at him with a tinge of dislike adulterating the usual calm superiority.

For the past two years the problem of the War Memorial had exercised the minds of all those in Crome who had enough leisure, or mental energy, or party spirit to think of such things.