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Croll is the surname of:

  • Dan Croll (born 1990), British singer-songwriter
  • David Croll (1900–1991), Canadian politician
  • Doña Croll (born 1953), Jamaican-born British actress
  • Hacker Croll, real name François Cousteix, French computer hacker
  • James Croll (1821–1890), Scottish scientist who developed a theory of climate change
  • June Croll (1901-1967), U.S. labor organizer
  • Maria de Croll (died 1710), Swedish vocalist
  • Oswald Croll or Crollius (c. 1563–1609), German physician, alchemist and botanist
  • Sebastian Croll, 17th-century Dutchman who introduced the cruller to the Americas
  • Warren A. Croll, Jr. (1920–2008), American race horse trainer
  • William Martin Croll (1866–1929), U.S. politician from Pennsylvania