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THE FIRST SNOWFALL The long promenade of La Croisette winds in a curve along the edge of the blue water.

He got almost a proprietary kick out of first emphasizing the murky waters and overcrowded sands of the Croisette beaches, until she was as saddened as a child with a broken toy, and then taking her on a mere fifteen-minute ferry ride to the Ile Ste Marguerite and over the eucalyptus-shaded walks to the clean rocky coves on the other side which only a few fortunate tourists ever find.

Late the next morning Estrella stood at the edge of the Croisette, the street lined with huge tents with names like the American Pavilion and the British Pavilion, each tent packed with people drinking, schmoozing, and making deals, and tried to forget that her feet ached and her arms were sore.

When the rigors of leading the revolution became too much for him, Mohsen would split to an apartment he kept on the famous La Croisette Promenade in Cannes, probably the most expensive stretch of real estate on the French Riviera.

Boulevard de la Croisette, other eaters and drinkers had left their restaurants and cafes and were beginning to pack the pavements again.

Even in a crowd twice as dense as that now perambulating the Croisette it would have been difficult to miss her.

The early traffic on the Croisette was scanty, and in only a minimum of minutes Gaby was pulling into the parking lot beside the quay opposite the hotel.

He thought the adieux of Montague and Ada Dyas as fine as anything he had ever seen Croisette and Bressant do in Paris, or Madge Robertson and Kendal in London.