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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Crocodilian \Croc`o*dil"i*an\ (kr?k`?-d?l"?-an), a. (Zo["o]l.) Like, or pertaining to, the crocodile; characteristic of the crocodile. -- n. One of the Crocodilia.


n. Any reptile of the order Crocodilia; a crocodile, alligator, caiman or gavial.


n. extant archosaurian reptile [syn: crocodilian reptile]

Usage examples of "crocodilian".

The smaller crocodilian eased down the damp embankment and into the water.

Their crocodilian heads swayed from side to side as they scanned the nighttime air, scenting for prey and resources.

That worthy ordered it to open the doors with a gesture of its crocodilian head.

The crocodilian mouth appeared to shape the first syllables of the name of his lord, father and master, then he slid out of the cradle and to the torn ground, his fiery eyes going cold and glazed.

Off to one side of the room, a trio of artificers argued over a mechanical behir, a twenty-foot crocodilian with twice the number of legs nature usually allotted.

Salley held a rock up to the light and put it down with the other miscellaneous crocodilian scutes.

With crocodilian speed he scuttled forward, head darting madly, an impossible target at the end of the sinuous neck.

He had been expecting something green and vaguely crocodilian, like the dragons in picture books, not the product of an unnatural mating between a dinosaur and a calliope.

But his finely scaled green skin had no hair whatsoever, he lacked earflaps, a low serration ran from the top of his skull, down his back to the end of the crocodilian tail which counterbalanced his big, forward-leaning body.

From the tip of its long, crocodilian snout, a yard of pink, forked tongue flicked out.

His friends still looked strong enough to be dangerous: crocodilian remnants from a lost age of violence and meat.

Thepseudosuchian lineage eventually gave rise to crocodilians, probably in the Late Triassic.

The Crocodylotarsi lineage led to the crocodilians, while the Ornithosuchia lineage terminated in the dinosaurs and birds.

Champsosaurs superficially resemble crocodilians but belong to a very distantly related group called eosuchians.

There are more species of true crocodilians, including one crocodile, three kinds of alligators, and one form that probably was a terrestrial predator.