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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Croche \Croche\ (kr[=o]ch), n. [OF. croche, equiv. to F. crochet, croc, hook. See Crotchet, Crook.] A little bud or knob at the top of a deer's antler.


n. A little bud or knob at the top of a deer's antler.

Usage examples of "croche".

At another window a few feet away, hidden from their eyes by a high desk and masses of papers and books, Winnsome Croche was crumpled up on the floor hardly daring to breathe through fear of betraying her presence.

And the chief of them all was this: that to Arbor Croche the words of Strang were the words of God and that if the prophet said kill, he would kill.

He was confident that Arbor Croche and his sheriffs were confining their man-hunt to the swamp, but in spite of this belief he exercised extreme caution, stopping to listen now and then, with one hand always near his pistol.

In another instant he had fired and the huge form of Arbor Croche toppled headlong into the room.

He believed the king and Arbor Croche dead, and that in the gloom and excitement of the night he could go among the people of St.