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The Collaborative International Dictionary

croaky \croaky\ adj. like the sounds of frogs and crows; as, acres of croaky frogs.

Syn: croaking, guttural.


a. (context of a sound English) Like that of a frog


adj. like the sounds of frogs and crows; "a guttural voice"; "acres of guttural frogs" [syn: croaking, guttural]

Usage examples of "croaky".

Her throat has been refreshed by the water and her voice isn't so croaky, but to herself, Judy still sounds like the Crow Gorg.

She pulled instinctively into a fetal position, uttering a croaky little scream as she did so.

Trisha said in a hoarse, croaky voice she hardly recognized as her own, and pumped her fist weakly at the sky.

Alice then pulled herself together (as best you can in a knot garden) and asked the voice this question: "Where in the knottings are you, croaky voice?

Ty probably isn't having any great cultural awakenings this summer, but at least - "At least he's safe," she says in her croaky Crow Gorg voice.

It took me a couple of tries to make my voice work, but I said, “We don’t have any pigs, and you’re nothing but a dorky boggart, and you can’t turn us into anything,” all in one croaky rush.

His voice was as deep and croaky as a frog's, but his lips hardly seemed to move.