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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a seriously ill/critically ill patient
▪ The ward was packed with seriously ill patients.
be badly/seriously/critically injured
▪ Two people have been critically injured in an accident.
be critically wounded (=be so badly wounded that you might die)
▪ He was critically wounded in the attack.
critically acclaimed (=praised by people who are paid to give their opinion on art, music etc)
▪ His work was critically acclaimed .
critically ill (=so ill that you might die)
▪ He got news that his mother was critically ill in hospital.
▪ The abilities of staff and availability of facilities to care for critically ill patients vary in all areas of health care.
▪ If the infant is critically ill, we talk with them at least twice a day.
▪ In April 1946, Moritz was critically ill.
▪ He was taken to hospital critically ill with severe head injuries - leaving girlfriend Donna Lorenz, 23, speechless.
▪ Last night Suzanne was critically ill in intensive care at Withington Hospital.
▪ It will be the first journal to make immediately available findings that could save or extend the lives of critically ill patients.
▪ The unprovoked attack has left the man critically ill in hospital.
▪ The first five years of life are critically important in shaping every person's unique individuality.
▪ That this critically important service is badly needed for all media use goes without saying, and here is a model.
▪ Awareness of such differences is critically important in creating Great Groups.
▪ Further, whatever subjects were chosen, it was the tutor who was the critically important factor in success or failure.
▪ Those individuals will form the critically important vanguard of a new workforce.
▪ As a result, planning the future has become even more critically important.
▪ That became a critically important factor for Nixon.
▪ But the colliery band played on-providing the story behind the critically acclaimed film Brassed Off starring Ewan MacGregor.
▪ Collins also played Valentine in the critically acclaimed 1989 movie.
▪ From the outset, they were critically acclaimed.
▪ Such studies depend critically upon a knowledge of the total baseline flora in particular environments.
▪ The size and length of an irrigation ditch depend critically on the number of people who use it.
▪ The impact of these policies towards this goal depends critically on how they are implemented.
▪ It depends critically on the description language.
▪ The response depends critically on the particular experimental method used to provoke it.
▪ The implementation of such policies depends critically on the refereeing of research proposals and the operation of grant-awarding committees.
▪ From 1884 to his death Lewis was involved in critically evaluating Robert Koch's bacteriological explanation of cholera.
▪ To work in groups and be able to critically evaluate materials.
▪ In the process, world-system theories, and particularly the idea of a new international division of labour, are critically evaluated.
▪ Consequently it is important to critically examine its basis in reality.
▪ The regulatory commissions and antitrust laws will be examined critically in Chapter 34.
▪ You may wish to consider the nature of its nationalisation programme and critically examine how radical or socialist it was.
▪ It requires that we critically examine a beliefs rooted in our understanding of Scripture that previously seemed so clear.
▪ To this end it examines critically the assumptions underlying the advocacy of these employment policies.
▪ Thus it is important to examine critically the different explanations of our present plight, and the different proposals to solve it.
▪ We must also examine critically the notion that individual practitioners enjoy an autonomy which is somehow derived from that of the collectivity.
▪ What the model does is to suggest at least two things that need to be examined critically.
▪ The fourth man was critically injured.
▪ There were at least 45 bodies and many more victims were critically injured, the officials said.
▪ A businessman walking to his car was struck by lightning and critically injured as co-workers watched in awe.
▪ Of the 15 people on board, three died and five were critically injured.
▪ About 70 people were injured in Seattle, including two men critically injured from an assault and a fall from an overpass.
▪ New habits Look critically at your daily routine.
▪ It requires teachers to look critically at their own present practice as well as being able to conceive of alternatives.
▪ The government can not tell its citizens not to think critically of the law or the government.
▪ A settlers' spokesman said that the motorist was critically wounded.
▪ Mrs Mitchley's husband, Norman, 47, is critically wounded.
▪ If fighting breaks out, they tell her, every bed may be needed for critically wounded GIs.
▪ Hamilton in Z2901 being shot down and critically wounded by Graf von Kageneck; he died shortly afterwards.
▪ College taught me to think critically about religion.
▪ As a result, planning the future has become even more critically important.
▪ She tried to stop the children visiting their critically ill father.
▪ Such publications must be treated critically.
▪ The size and length of an irrigation ditch depend critically on the number of people who use it.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Critically \Crit"ic*al*ly\, adv.

  1. In a critical manner; with nice discernment; accurately; exactly.

    Critically to discern good writers from bad.

  2. At a crisis; at a critical time; in a situation, place, or condition of decisive consequence; as, a fortification critically situated.

    Coming critically the night before the session.
    --Bp. Burnet.


adv. 1 In a critical manner; with criticism. 2 With close discernment; accurately; exactly. 3 At a crisis or critical time; in a situation, place, or condition of decisive consequence.


adv. in a critical manner; "this must be examined critically" [ant: uncritically]

Usage examples of "critically".

Upstairs in the house, Sally Adams was critically ill with tuberculosis.

In an age when many critically acclaimed modern artists celebrated an aesthetics of abstraction or ugliness, Disney offered pleasing pictures in perspective.

She and her secretary watched me critically from the forecourt of the airfreight offices.

Louis Pasteur, the great French chemist and bacteriologist, became so preoccupied with them that he took to peering critically at every dish placed before him with a magnifying glass, a habit that presumably did not win him many repeat invitations to dinner.

He led Zeth on to where, heavily shielded with many layers of drapery, the channels were treating the critically wounded patients.

Shoshone heritage, I can pass for a Chicana if no one looks at me too critically.

The officer took the rifle, and after eyeing it critically, grabbed it by the barrel and with a profane remark that it would never shoot another Fenian, smashed the stock against a boulder.

Beyond that, enough of his Republican Guard forces, including the critically important corps headquarters, had escaped during the Gulf conflict to help him contend with a spontaneous rebellion in the Shiite-dominated south and resistance in the Kurdish north.

He crossed to the mirror above his handbasin and studied himself critically.

He peered critically at himself in the mirror and made small jabs at his coiffure with the comb, which seemed pitifully inadequate to the task.

From the latest reports he heard, more than seventy aboard the Muskegon Airlines flight lost their lives, with others critically injured, and all six people died aboard the smaller airplane that had collided with the Airbus in midair.

Roger Smith, was critically injured and forced to give up his work on a multivolume editorial project that was under way at Cornell University in the 1970s.

Cold War also produced the neoconservative academic and bureaucratic grouping, whose members between 2001 and 2003 critically influenced the administration of George W.

Neidelman, quite unlike the cold figure that just a few hours before had ordered the pumps run at a critically dangerous level.

Astoria looked critically along the two rails, one well set nearly flush in concrete, the other standing above the trench on its shims.