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n. 1 The state of being critical. (rfex) 2 (context education English) A disposition for purposeful thinking and acting guided by criteria that are considered to be contextually appropriate and that are expected to result in positive outcomes related to the purpose. 3 (context physics English) The point at which a nuclear reaction becomes self-sustaining.

  1. n. a state of critical urgency [syn: criticalness, cruciality]

  2. a critical state; especially the point at which a nuclear reaction is self-sustaining


Criticality may refer to:

Criticality (status)

Criticality is the state of a nuclear chain reacting medium when the chain reaction is just self-sustaining (or critical), that is, when the reactivity is zero. More loosely, the term is used for states in which the reactivity is greater than zero.

Usage examples of "criticality".

But I never conveyed to them the real criticality of what was happening in both eras, especially this one.

You did it right, that was all, you did it real, hell with them… set the controls to your own touch and take the time it took, they should have effin’ said if there were criticalities not on the instruments—it was a new kind of adaptive assist, piece of nice, this was… All kinds of interlocks and analyses it could give you.

Jane recalled how Kurt had always rhapsodized about the oak tree, how he'd gone on about fractals and gnarliness and self-organized criticality.

One very experienced colleague of yours vanished completely, and is now over twenty megs past their criticality deadline.