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Critchley (also spelled Chritchley) is an Anglo-Saxon surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexander Critchley (1893–1974), English politician and Conservative MP for Liverpool Edge Hill
  • Alfred Critchley (1890–1963), Canadian-English entrepreneur and national politician
  • Bruce Critchley, British sports commentator
  • James Sidney Critchley (1865–1944), first Works Manager and a director of Daimler Motor Company
  • Hilary Critchley (born before 1978), British academic in the field of reproductive medicine
  • Julian Critchley (1930–2000), English national politician, journalist and writer
  • Laura Critchley, English singer-songwriter
  • MacDonald Critchley (1900–1997), English neurologist
  • Oswald Critchley (1864–1935), English-Canadian provincial politician, pioneer and rancher
  • Pat Critchley, Irish athlete
  • Simon Critchley (born 1960), English philosopher and academic