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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

shortening of criticism, from 1908; shortening of critical from 1957 (originally among nuclear physicists).\n


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context informal English) criticism. 2 (context informal English) critique. 3 (context informal English) A proponent of (w: critical legal studies). 4 (context cycling English) A criterium race. Etymology 2

n. A critical hit as used in role playing games. vb. To exact damage from a critical hit.


Crit or CRIT may refer to:

  • Criterium or crit, bicycle race
  • Critic or critique
  • Crit Luallen, Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts and potential 2008 United States Senate candidate
  • Criţ, a village in Buneşti Commune, Braşov County, Romania
  • Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT)
  • Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón (CRIT)
  • Hematocrit, a measure of proportion in blood volume

Crit may also refer to:

  • Critical theory
  • Critical thinking
  • Critical hit, a successful attack in role-playing games and computer and video games
  • Critical legal studies, a movement in legal thought
  • Critical management studies, a group of politically left wing and theoretically innovative approaches to management, business and organization
  • Critical theory (Frankfurt School) - theory in the positivistic, scientistic, or purely observational mode

Usage examples of "crit".

And moreover, all of us can feel which droplets and splinters of the birdcage critter are Charlie and Leslie.

Another extinct amphibian and another wrong guess is next: Dicynodon, portrayed as a massive critter with a turtle-like shell and two big jutting fangs.

It is an elusive critter called the Higgs field that gives objects mass.

When I think of the javelina meat I et and the bare-footed bandits I had to associate with whilst living in Old Mexico to avoid having to kill that wuthless critter, his present attitude embitters me.

Crit- tenden had drawn him a crude map yesterday, showing the town of Apache Peak nestled beneath the shadow of East Peak, the northeasternmost sentinel of the upthrust Whetstones.

Besides that, everybody knowed how that high ground, in storm, drew every critter on these rivers, it was one of the worst places for rattlers, let alone cottonmouths, in all the Islands.

I started out in the "Cat 4" races at the Tuesday-night crits, but I was anxious to move up.

One night at the Tuesday crits, I got into a sprint duel with another rider, an older man I wasn't real fond of.

In the year 1104 Coloman reduced the maritine country as far as Trau and Saloma, (Katona, Hist. Crit.

The culprit was something like a sand flea, which, you will note, has a taste for warm-blooded crit- ters.