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n. (plural of crime English)

Crimes (album)

Crimes is the fourth studio album by the American band The Blood Brothers, released on October 12, 2004. It is their second major label album and their first for V2. Produced by John Goodmanson, the album was recorded in two months in the band's hometown of Seattle.

Usage examples of "crimes".

Qualitative objectives were to describe the characteristics of the study population of murderers, the manner in which they committed their crimes, and the crime scenes.

First, it would test, using statistical procedures, whether there are significant behavioral differences at the crime scene between crimes committed by organized sexual murderers and those committed by disorganized sexual murderers.

Offenders who would not admit to their crimes cooperated in order to point out why it was impossible for them to have committed the murders.

Such crimes often receive widespread publicity, and they create a great deal of fear because of their apparent random and motiveless nature.

The Scope of the Problem The number of sexual homicides occurring in a given year is difficult to assess, partially because of the manner in which crimes are investigated.

Crime in the United States, presents statistics for crimes committed in the United States within a given year.

Law enforcement investigators note that solution rates may be misleading and should be scrutinized closely, since some crimes reported as unsolved are, in fact, solved after the figures have been reported.

People fear these crimes precisely because of the seemingly random nature of the murders.

Perspective The first category represents a mass communication mechanism for informing the public of crimes being committed.

While studies explaining why certain individuals commit violent crimes may aid them in their search, law enforcement investigators must adapt study findings to suit their own particular needs.

The role of thought and fantasy in the motive and behavior of suspects is a newly identified factor in violent crimes, especially in sexual murders.

After release from prison, his crimes escalated to the murder of three young women by asphyxia.

Prison provides time to reflect on past crimes and thoughts and fantasies that advance the criminal toward perfecting future crimes.

With the first crimes, one significant event is his rape at adolescence by the two females.

Although the crimes themselves are premeditated, the choice of victim is generally impersonal and a result of chance selection.