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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cry \Cry\ (kr?), n.; pl. Cries (kr?z). [F. cri, fr. crier to cry. See Cry, v. i. ]

  1. A loud utterance; especially, the inarticulate sound produced by one of the lower animals; as, the cry of hounds; the cry of wolves.

  2. Outcry; clamor; tumult; popular demand.

    Again that cry was found to have been as unreasonable as ever.

  3. Any expression of grief, distress, etc., accompanied with tears or sobs; a loud sound, uttered in lamentation.

    There shall be a great cry throughout all the land.
    --Ex. xi. 6.

    An infant crying in the night, An infant crying for the light; And with no language but a cry.

  4. Loud expression of triumph or wonder or of popular acclamation or favor.

    The cry went once on thee.

  5. Importunate supplication.

    O, the most piteous cry of the poor souls.

  6. Public advertisement by outcry; proclamation, as by hawkers of their wares.

    The street cries of London.

  7. Common report; fame.

    The cry goes that you shall marry her.

  8. A word or phrase caught up by a party or faction and repeated for effect; as, the party cry of the Tories.

    All now depends upon a good cry.

  9. A pack of hounds.

    A cry more tunable Was never hollaed to, nor cheered with horn.

  10. A pack or company of persons; -- in contempt.

    Would not this . . . get me a fellowship in a cry of players?

  11. The crackling noise made by block tin when it is bent back and forth.

    A far cry, a long distance; -- in allusion to the sending of criers or messengers through the territory of a Scottish clan with an announcement or summons.


n. (plural of cry English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cry)

Usage examples of "cries".

Cyrus Harding had said two hours, but of course that depended on the nature of the obstacles they might meet with As it was probable that they would have to cut a path through the grass, shrubs, and creepers, they marched axe in hand, and with guns also ready, wisely taking warning from the cries of the wild beasts heard in the night.

I was awakened with a start by cries of alarm, and scarce were my eyes opened, nor had I yet sufficiently collected my wits to quite realize where I was, when a fusillade of shots rang out, reverberating through the subterranean corridors in a series of deafening echoes.

On they came with fierce cries, while from every side the armed prisoners swarmed upon them.

But their cries had not been entirely fruitless, for now I heard answering shouts and the footfalls of many men running and the clank of accouterments and the commands of officers.

New York in this year of grace is not the place for the supernatural be the time never so fit for witch-riding and the night wind in the chimney-stacks sound never so much like the last gurgling cries of throttled men.

I could hear them tearing at each other, and the sharp cries of pain, first one and then another gave as claw or tooth got home, and all the time, though the ground was quaking under their struggles and the air full of horrible uproar, not a thing was to be seen.

And next there was turmoil and uproar, and a flashing of swords, and they tore the youth from her arms, and stabbed him, but with a cry she snatched the dagger from his belt, and drove it into her snowy breast, home to the heart, and down she fell, and then, with cries and wailing, and every sound of lamentation, the pageant rolled away from the arena of my vision, and once more the past shut to its book.

For a moment they stood undecided, and then hearing the cries and curses that rose unceasingly from the top end of the kraal, and bewildered by the storm of bullets, they as by one impulse rushed down towards the thorn-stopped entrance.

As soon as the others saw that I had managed to light the lamp, we bundled Alphonse into the farther end of the canoe with a threat which calmed him down wonderfully, that if he would insist upon making the darkness hideous with his cries we would put him out of suspense by sending him to join the Wakwafi and wait for Annette in another sphere, and began to discuss the situation as well as we could.

Whether it was his cries, or the, to them, awful sound and effect of the pistol shot, or what, I know not, but the other priests halted, paralysed and dismayed, and before they could come on again Sorais had called out something, and we, together with the two Queens and most of the courtiers, were being surrounded with a wall of armed men.

Ah, Macumazahn, we shall see this fine place of houses burning yet, and hear the battle cries come ringing up the street.

On thy head rest the burden of the deed, and in thy ears ring the groans of the dying and the cries of the widows and those who are left fatherless for ever and for ever.

But, when only two fathoms off, terrible cries resounded from four pairs of lungs at once.

The sailor thought he recognized gulls and cormorants, whose shrill cries rose above the roaring of the sea.

With the cries were mingled terrible yells, in which there was nothing human.