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Usage examples of "crie".

At ye least, we must not in such bussines crie, Pore, pore, mercie, mercie.

The cracker split with a bang and there were cries of delight and broken laughter.

Attempting to sing with his team, Nicholas could hardly contain his cries of pain as his knees struck the floor like pistons.

Incontinently came out his wife, who seeing her husband halfe dead, cried and howled in pittifull sort, and went toward her husband, to the intent that by her lowd cries shee might purchase to me present destruction.

But now the time approached of Psyches marriage, preparation was made, blacke torches were lighted, the pleasant songs were turned into pittifull cries, the melody of Hymeneus was ended with deadly howling, the maid that should be married did wipe her eyes with her vaile.

And when they called their sister by her name, that their lamentable cries came unto her eares, shee came forth and said, Behold, heere is shee for whom you weepe, I pray you torment your selves no more, cease your weeping.

And immediately she departed and went to her chamber, where she found her son wounded as it was told unto her, whom when she beheld she cries out in this sort.

Grisilde is deed, and eek hir pacience, And bothe atones buryed in Ytaille, For which I crie in open audience No wedded man so hardy be tassaille His wyves pacience, in hope to fynde Grisildis, for in certein he shal faille.

And with that word this faucoun gan to crie, And swowned eft in Canacees barm.

Right as the humour of malencolie Causeth ful many a man in sleep to crie For feere of blake beres, or boles blake, Or elles blake develes wole hem take.