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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cric \Cric\ (kr[i^]k), n. [prob. fr. F. cric a jackscrew.] The ring which turns inward and condenses the flame of a lamp.

Usage examples of "cric".

He held Cric back, hiding behind some scrub, while agile Chipmunk worked his way into position.

He and Cric were within a dozen strides before the goblins spotted them, and then how the creatures howled!

Cric straightened and, seeing that Chipmunk would not be following, just shook his head and went alone to the trap.

Cric motioned for Chipmunk to approach the man, but Chipmunk only motioned back.

Cric and Chipmunk were fairly new to the area, having come north a little more than three years before, but Paulson had lived on the border of the Wilderlands for most of his life, had been living just outside Weedy Meadow when the goblin raid had flattened Dundalis.

Paulson drew out his large sword and motioned for Cric to go in at his side, while Chipmunk was to go to the higher ground around to the right, getting an angle for his dagger throws.

Then the goblin was out of throwing range, and Chipmunk fell in with Paulson and Cric, taking up the chase.

Paulson held out his hand to quiet Cric and Chipmunk, their protests and fears bubbling up in the form of unintelligible whimpers.

The army was many miles below the spot where Paulson, Cric, arid Chipmunk had indicated they had seen it, and the swath the goblins and giants had cut in the forest on the northern side of the encampment was visible even from this southern ridge.

And, given the fact that Cric and Chipmunk had remained, it was more than the tale of a child lost.

Whatever complaints Cric and Chipmunk might offer, they had remained in the area because of the refugees, out of simple compassion.

He thought of Paulson, Cric, and Chipmunk, and their undeniable skills.

They came to their base camp, where Paulson, Cric, and Chipmunk waited.

The group started off quietly, Paulson, Cric, and Chipmunk going along the base of the north hill, Elbryan and Bradwarden making their way to the south.

Down those hills came the powries, outraged by the apparent escape, but Paulson, Cric, and Chipmunk had done their work well.