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n. (alternative spelling of crew cut English)

Usage examples of "crewcut".

The young man plunked his hat onto a rack beside the door and buffed his crewcut with his pink fingers.

Chief of Staff Bergholz, crewcut and crisp in his ubiquitous dark blue pin-striped suit.

Most of the men had crewcuts, which they believed made them look young and serious, and no one was smoking, although some were biting on pencils.

Here, little, sulky and voluptuous, Rachel would gee and haw this MG around Route 17's bloodthirsty curves and cutbacks, sashaying its arrogant butt past hay wagons, growling semis, old Ford roadsters filled to capacity with crewcut, undergraduate gnomes.

A crewcut supply clerk hands them Mustang immersion suits, wetsuits, inflatable life vests, and mesh combat vests.

He had yea paperwork on his desk, and sitting there, rolling a pencil back and forth and thinking about that old geezer out someplace in his pick-up truck, that old geezer with white hair buzzed flat in a crewcut and a mechanical arm on account of he'd lost the real one at a place called Pusan in an undeclared war which had happened when most of the current crop of Viet Nam vets were still shitting yellow in their didies .