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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Creosol \Cre"o*sol\ (kr[=e]"[-o]*s[=o]l), n. [Creosote + phenol.] (Chem.) A colorless liquid resembling phenol or carbolic acid, homologous with pyrocatechin, and obtained from beechwood tar and gum guaiacum. [Written also creasol.]


n. (context organic compound English) The methoxy phenol ''2-methoxy-4-methylphenol'' that is a constituent of creosote


Creosol is a chemical compound with the molecular formula CHO. It is one of the components of creosote. Compared with phenol, creosol is a less toxic disinfectant.

Usage examples of "creosol".

Everywhere there were smells of earth, latrines, creosol, tobacco, cordite, and the sharp fragrance of wild thyme.