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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Creme \Cr[^e]me\, n. [F.] Cream; -- a term used esp. in cookery, names of liqueurs, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1845, from French crème (see cream (n.)). For crème brûlée, see brulee.


n. 1 (context cooking English) A very sugary, fluffy white cream derivative. 2 (context cooking English) cream.


Crème or creme is a French word for 'cream', used in culinary terminology for various cream-like preparations, each often abbreviated to simply "creme":

  • Cream
    • Crème fraîche, a cultured cream
    • Crème Chantilly, whipped cream
  • Custard
    • Crème anglaise, a pouring custard used as a dessert sauce
    • Crème caramel, custard with a soft caramel topping
    • Crème brûlée, custard with a hard caramel topping
    • Pot de crème
  • Crème liqueur, a sweet liqueur
    • Crème de cassis, blackcurrent liqueur
    • Crème de menthe, mint liqueur
    • Crème liqueur, walnut liqueur
    • Crème de banane, banana liqueur
  • Cream soups (potages crèmes)
    • Crème Ninon
Creme (magazine)

Creme was a monthly New Zealand magazine for girls aged 10 to 18, owned by the APN Specialist Publications NZ Limited. The last issue was released in August 2014.

Usage examples of "creme".

The stucco building was painted the sweet green of a creme de menthe frappe and featured a covered entrance large enough to accommodate six huddled smokers seeking shelter from the rain.

From the display cases, she selected a chocolate eclair, a creme brulee tart with kiwi on top, a piece of white-chocolate macadamia-nut cheesecake with Oreo-crumb crust, a cinnamon wheel, and a slice of orange roulade.

Amanda lost in a chocolate truffle reverie, thin sculpted shells of creme fraiche and gin and Grand Marnier and liquid cherries and raspberry puree, imagined tastes the sweetest.

Years before you met Tyler Durden, before you peed in your first creme anglaise, you learned about little acts of rebellion.

Cathy as she piped out more creme fraiche on the little buckwheat pancakes that were disappearing with alarming speed from the platters.

She made a few quick strokes, replacing one suggested sauce with another, vetoing tomorrow's dessert course as too commonBlenhurst would almost certainly be present for that mealand requesting a creme brulee instead.

In the first thirty seconds, I told how I'd been peeing into soup, farting on creme brulees, sneezing on braised endive, and now I wanted the hotel to send me a check every week equivalent to my average week's pay plus tips.

The Copelands had begun already to fantasize about distant foods, Drake drooling over ice cream of the rich premium variety, huge heaping goblets of rum raisin and pralines 'n' cream, the greater the butterfat content the better, Amanda lost in a chocolate truffle reverie, thin sculpted shells of creme fraiche and gin and Grand Marnier and liquid cherries and raspberry puree, imagined tastes the sweetest.

The bar was crowded with humans and exotics, and Marc and Anne were squeezed in between a tall Gi daintily sip­ping a cocktail of frangipani nectar and a stout little Pol­troyan chugalugging a stein of creme de menthe.

When the creme brulee turned out to be as good as what had gone before, she had to hide her surprise.

Tabitha smiled a small, secret smile, hoping the old man liked fried chicken and creme brulee.

He cleans out the ramekin of creme brulee with his index finger while Dan sits, smiling and bemused.

Chateaubriand, a few thread-thin French fries, salad and creme brulee.

She'd practiced an exquisite creme brulee as well, which was Leo's favorite dessert.

Vegetarian spring rolls, followed by mushroom risotto with creme caramel to finish.