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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Also there is no legal obstruction to you taking the coffin to the crematorium in a station wagon.
▪ Everyone was ordered to the crematorium in October, but a bombing spared them.
▪ Frankovich said the jury had found the crematorium guilty of mishandling remains and fraudulently concealing their actions from the families.
▪ He claims he found a clandestine crematorium where the army was burning the bodies of Mayan villagers killed during the conflict.
▪ He said arranging flowers and cleaning vases was carried out by crematorium staff and was becoming very time consuming.
▪ Read in studio A public inquiry's begun into plans to burn hospital waste at an animal crematorium.
▪ The boys stayed away from yesterday's service at Oxford's crematorium.
▪ They stood uncomfortably outside Margate crematorium while the coffin was carried in and the relations eased themselves sadly out of hired limos.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Crematorium \Crem`a*to"ri*um\ (kr?m`?-t?"r?-?m), Crematory \Crem"a*to*ry\ (kr?m"?-t?-r?), n.; pl. Crematoriums (-[u^]mz), Crematories (-r?z). [NL. crematorium, fr. L. cremator.] A furnace for cremating corpses; a building containing such a furnace.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1880, from Latin cremator-, stem of cremare (see cremation) + -orium (see -ory).


n. A place where the bodies of dead people are cremated

  1. n. a mortuary where corpses are cremated [syn: crematory]

  2. a furnace where a corpse can be burned and reduced to ashes [syn: crematory, cremation chamber]

  3. [also: crematoria (pl)]

Usage examples of "crematorium".

When the sons of bitches fired me forward, they were talking about concentration camps and portable crematoria and even IE.

Setting up a death camp, with its railroad sidings and its around-the-clock crematoria, was not something a moron could do.

For the same reason, he followed the hearse to the funeral home and stayed with Callan and his assistant until Peyser's and Sholnick's bodies were fed into the white-hot flames of the crematorium.

He has argued in vain against the Auschwitz crematoriums, and given up.

The masked "ancestors" followed them out of the courtyard in pairs, moving at a stately walk while the clowns capered and mugged for the spectators lining both sides of the street to the crematorium.

Crematoria vented into the airborne ashes of wills burnt by jealous executors, which mixed with coaldust burnt to keep dying lovers warm.

B gas for euthanasia purposes versus shooting and carbon monoxide asphyxiation, etc etc also detailed correspondence between German industrial firms and SS officials on the design and building of very large-scale crematoriums, etc etc.

The crematoriums remain pretty models in the Central Building Board office, and Berlin has simply been ignoring the disposal problem.

The German gas chambers and crematoriums were not brilliant innovative works of genius.

They found gas chambers, crematoriums, mass graves, thousands and thousands of living skeletons, and countless corpses lying about, all exactly as Berel described Oswiecim.

But to the SS staff waiting for it at the Birkenau ramp, with crematoriums fired up and Sonderkommandos on the alert, it is just one more routine job.

In crossing Poland, the Red Army overran a vast industrial complex and prison camp at Oswiecim, abandoned except by a few dying scarecrows in striped rags, who pointed out some dynamited ruins as crematoriums where millions of people had been secretly murdered.

The construction Of the crematoriums, the general picture Of the All hwitz Inter and agricultural insta sc et Area with its industries liations, the treatment of prisoners who atmpted to escape, the roll cans, "Canada": all facts.

It was enough that the rest of the traffic on the road consisted of funeral processions, families walking alongside carts or slow frame cars carrying their dead to the smoking crematoriums that appeared whenever the walls parted.

  From a partial analysis of the script, it seems that the wells were actually crematoriums: a deceased Martian would explode when he touched water in the nitrogen dioxide at the bottom.