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Creem (which is always capitalized in print as CREEM despite the magazine's nameplate appearing in lower case letters), "America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine", was a monthly rock 'n' roll publication first published in March 1969 by Barry Kramer and founding editor Tony Reay. It suspended production in 1989 but received a short-lived renaissance in the early 1990s as a glossy tabloid. Lester Bangs, often cited as "America's Greatest Rock Critic", became editor in 1971. The term " punk rock" was coined by the magazine in May 1971, in Dave Marsh's Looney Tunes column about Question Mark & the Mysterians.

Usage examples of "creem".

Mister Hirveys and we wirked a long time making ice creem by turning the handles of the buckets and choping up the ice.

There were a number of Sierra Club posters on the wall, but not so long ago she had been surrounded by posters clipped from Rolling Stone and Creem and Crawdaddy, pictures of her idols - Jim Morrison and John Lennon and Dave van Ronk and Chuck Berry.