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Creech is an Anglo-Saxon word for a hill of a particular abrupt pointed sort. Creech may refer to:

  • Creech, Arkansas
  • Creech, Kentucky
  • Creech Air Force Base, a United States Air Force base in Nevada
  • Creech Grange
  • Creech St Michael
  • The Creech, comic book series

Usage examples of "creech".

Scottish Dialect, by Robert Burns, printed for the Author, and sold by William Creech, 1787.

And before that they never came any nervier, any better than Jimmy Creech.

Nobody but Creech and I knew that rayer was more than a prop for Hacon the hero.

Ye're standing on the banks o' Creech Hill and a bullbeggar haunts here sometimes.

They creeched and chitted at each other, the number closing around the amber giant protec­tively.

Better to face the dry danger of Wallace Creech than to stay in this dark little town serving endless cups of bad draft beer through every endless night.

Creech, I want to donate twenty thousand dollars from my share of the insurance benefits to a woman named Suki Teeter.