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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Crees \Crees\ (kr[=e]z), n. pl.; sing. Cree. (Ethnol.) An Algonquin tribe of Indians, inhabiting a large part of British America east of the Rocky Mountains and south of Hudson's Bay.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1744, from phonetic rendering of Canadian French Cris, short for Christinaux, from Ojibwa (Algonquian) *kiristino, originally referring to a group in the Hudson Bay region.


n. A member of this people. n. 1 An aboriginal nation of North America. 2 The Algonquian language or dialect continuum spoken by this people.


The Cree (historical autonym: Nēhiraw; ) are one of the largest groups of First Nations in North America, with over 200,000 members living in Canada. The major proportion of Cree in Canada live north and west of Lake Superior, in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories. About 38,000 live in Quebec.

In the United States, this Algonquian-speaking people historically lived from Lake Superior westward. Today, they live mostly in Montana, where they share a reservation with the Ojibwe (Chippewa).

The documented westward migration over time has been strongly associated with their roles as traders and hunters in the North American fur trade.

Cree (disambiguation)

Cree is an Native American ethnic group.

Cree may also refer to:

Cree (surname)

Cree is a surname which has several separate origins in England, Scotland and Ireland. It occurs in all those countries today and also in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. It is of Medium Frequency in Scotland and Northern Ireland (using the benchmarks of the Guild of One-Name Studies) (Spathaky 1998).

Usage examples of "cree".

Indian terms taken directly into English by the first colonists come from the two eastern families: the Iroquois confederacy, whose members included the Mohawk, Cherokee, Oneida, Seneca, Delaware and Huron tribes, and the even larger Algonquian group, which included Algonquin, Arapaho, Cree, Delaware, Illinois, Kickapoo, Narragansett, Ojibwa, Penobscot, Pequot and Sac and Fox, among many others.

Bad stories came down about Blackfeet and Cree, Atsina and Crow and Nakodabi Assiniboin, becoming crazed on spirit water and hurting or killing each other.

Bay, sitting next to a fire, holding a royal warrant from King Charles I and waiting for the Assiniboine and Cree to bring in a fresh pile of beaver pelts he could benevolently exchange for a few barrels of flour and sugar.

To either side of the city, vast stretches of the tall musical reeds, the Anche, that gave the major country of Aulos its name, tossed in the afternoon wind, but their song and the high-pitched cree of a wheeling flock of blue-backed harks was lost in the distance and the hubbub of the crowd.

MERCHANT PRINCES their retinues came from every corner of the HBCs former empire-Swampy Cree from Hudson and James bays, Saulteaux from Lake Winnipeg, Ojibwas from the Nipigon country, Sioux from the Portage Plains, and mighty warriors from the Peace and Athabasca valleys.

I am assured by the best interpreters in the country, that it bears no affinity to the Cree, Sioux, or Chipewyan languages.

Once the Hares had been hunted by the Crees--he thought it was the Crees, his own people, but it might have been the Dogribs.

The name Knisteneaux, Kristeneaux, or Killisteneaux, was anciently applied to a tribe of Crees, now termed Maskegons, who inhabit the river Winipeg.

Cherokee alphabet, of the Mohawk, the Blackfoot, the Cree, the Lakota, the Potawatomi, and others.

Much confusion has arisen from the great variety of names, applied without discrimination to the various tribes of Saulteurs and Crees.

Crees lolled in their wigwams, when less labor fell to Siena, he set traps in the snow trails for silver fox and marten.

When the Crees all fall like leaves in autumn, then Siena and his people will go back to the north.

Penobscot, Algonquin, Huron, Ojibway, Mohawk, Yakima, Okanagan, Tlingit, Chinook, Beaver, Tanana, Cree, Bannock, Crow, Shoshone, Cheyenne.

When they saw that, the Crees rushed at Torrey, and the Trappers had to shoot fast to save him.

In the white man's school, we learned that these folk were called the Athabascans and the Crees.