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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Quinn charmed hundreds of credulous investors out of millions of dollars.
▪ But take care thou art not too credulous neither.
▪ I do not wish to suggest that New Historians are involved in some huge subversive critical enterprise duping credulous students.
▪ If he hadn't adored her he would have treated her as a credulous imbecile.
▪ In such a situation, I suggest, faith becomes blind, belief becomes credulous and trust becomes misplaced.
▪ It could be argued that the very incomprehensibility of the modern world has made us even more credulous.
▪ It is easy to sneer at the credulous pilgrims.
▪ This poet regarded the joys of gods with bemused, unshockable, and endlessly credulous respect.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Credulous \Cred"u*lous\ (kr?d"?-l?s; 135), a. [L. credulus, fr. credere. See Creed.]

  1. Apt to believe on slight evidence; easily imposed upon; unsuspecting.

    Eve, our credulous mother.

  2. Believed too readily. [Obs.]
    --Beau. & Fl.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from Latin credulus "that easily believes, trustful," from credere "to believe" (see credo). Related: Credulously; credulousness.


a. 1 Excessively ready to believe things; gullible. 2 (context obsolete English) Believed too readily.

  1. adj. disposed to believe on little evidence; "the gimmick would convince none but the most credulous" [ant: incredulous]

  2. showing a lack of judgment or experience; "so credulous he believes everything he reads"

Usage examples of "credulous".

First, there were old authoritative sages and poets who loved to speculate and dream, and who published their speculations and dreams to reign over the subject fancies of credulous mankind.

Pistol, who has, of course, imposed on the credulous Fluellen with his vaunting words rather than with any actual deeds.

Aryth Ocean, but only the most credulous could have believed, and she doubted that the worst gossipmonger in the markets still told the tale.

He must surely have heard them express their reverence for their aloof and unknowable god, and their contempt for the superstitions of the Meccans, who cherish such a multitude of idols and talismans and practice a credulous veneration of the sun and the moon and stars and planets and a myriad of demons.

He was a handsome devil who got busted and Thrown Away for operating a Ponzi investment scam that plundered the stock portfolios of a few hundred credulous old ladies in Sydney, Australia.

He affected, however, to receive the modest application of Gabinius, king of the Quadi, with some attention and regard: but this artful civility concealed a dark and bloody design, and the credulous prince was persuaded to accept the pressing invitation of Marcellinus.

In the various religions of Polytheism, some wandering fanatics of Egypt and Syria, who addressed themselves to the credulous superstition of the populace, were perhaps the only order of priests that derived their whole support and credit from their sacerdotal profession, and were very deeply affected by a personal concern for the safety or prosperity of their tutelar deities.

During religious excitement the psychic faculty is highly sensitized, giving mischievous spirits, as well as fanatical spirits, the proper opportunity to impress credulous persons with their whisperings.

It is a record of how people can see fish and call them flesh or fowl, according to the conventionalisms of dogmatic tutors as purblind as themselves, according to their personal fears of losing invisible shares in non-existent heavenly mansions, according to their credulous belief that God may deny them wings if they, in turn, assert that a sight authoritatively declared to be straight from heaven may indeed have come straight from hell.

But it is not easy to name an age that has cherished more delusions than ours, or been more superstitious, or more credulous, more eager to run after quackery.

Thus it was not hard, amid the dense blue air, for credulous souls to look upon all those gasmen outside department stores as Santa Clauses and Christ children in all sizes and at all prices.

Instead of fooling credulous multitudes with responses from Delphi, we have a Congress which can enact tariff regulations susceptible of interpretations enough to satisfy the love of mystery of the entire nation.

The credulous Rocketman had a question for him, something simple about vertical shear.

I burnt the letter in the flame of the spirits, beneath the light of the moon, and the credulous lady told me she saw the characters she had traced ascending in the rays of the planet.

This gentleman, from the very beginning of my rise in the royal favour, had demonstrated the most lively friendship for me, of which he sought to persuade me by the strongest protestations, which, weak and credulous as I was, I implicitly believed, until one day that Henriette, availing herself of my being quite alone, let me into the secrets of my establishment and furnished me with a key to the assiduities of M.