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credit side

n. account of payments received; usually the right side of a financial statement

Usage examples of "credit side".

On the credit side of the ledger, the operation had been a success.

On the credit side there's six 8th Division battalions, a good part of whom have had jungle experience, and the Jocks who can acquit themselves same as us, we re the old hands who now know how to fight the Japs.

On the credit side, my old friend the First Gravedigger (General Havelock to you) finally got up off his Puritan rump and struck through Allahabad at Cawnpore.

On the credit side, he had an experienced, smoothly functioning crew, nine rigs with four more on order, and nearly four billion tons of sweet crude ready to gush up from the wellheads.

On the credit side he watched the sunsets after the busy river was quiet, and listened to geese honking on the meadows above Oxford, and ate at an inn with peacocks on the roof and once, half disbelieving, caught the bright blue flash of the wing of a rare kingfisher on the hunt.