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credit line

n. 1 (context publishing English) A line of printed text attached to written material, an image, illustration, or the like, which identifies the author, photographer, or other source. 2 (context finance English) A line of credit.

credit line
  1. n. the maximum credit that a customer is allowed [syn: line of credit, bank line, line, personal credit line, personal line of credit]

  2. a line giving the name of the writer of a story or article [syn: by-line]

Credit line

Credit line may refer to:

  • Credit limit
  • Line of credit

Usage examples of "credit line".

He called back to tell John he had arranged for a $118,000 credit line on his Visa card, which would translate to a cash advance at any local bank.

Killashandra shrugged her shoulders, glancing impassively at a credit line that would once have made her chortle in triumph.