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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

slang shortening of credibility, by 1992.


n. 1 (context urban slang English) credibility. 2 (context computing informal usually in the plural English) credential


n. credibility among young fashionable urban individuals [syn: street credibility, street cred]

Usage examples of "cred".

Every runner I know would give their right nut to work with Argent, and half the cred involved.

But on a bustling, perfervid world like Visaria, where business was ongoing around the clock and cred was being accumulated by the nanosecond, every sentient species whose culture allowed for the accrual of wealth by an individual, clan, family, or group had an interest in establishing a presence in the capital city.

The doxies were old and bored and tended to use their creds as down payments on powered wheelchairs.

Even without Ivy League cred, I win her over with my wholesome, overachieving charm.

His possibly negative IQ, complete absence of street cred and, above all, his permanent inclination to snort, suck, swallow or bite anything that promised to make his brain sparkle, meant that he had been turned down even by the Tenth Egg Street Can't fink of aname Gang, rumoured to be so dense that one of their members was a lump of concrete on a piece of string.

I thought about the Fed creds and wallets and passports that Khalil didn't take, and although I'd explained that to Kate and to myself, I was beginning to wonder why Khalil didn't take that stuff.

I said, "If he didn't take the creds because he wanted to be clean, why did he take the guns?

The guy asked for a photo ID, and I gave him my New York State driver's license instead of my Fed creds, which always brings up the question of a gun.

A man and a woman stood in the middle of the room, wearing blue slacks and shirts, FBI nylon windbreakers with creds attached.

The only snag was, the next land wagon train wasn't scheduled to leave for at least a week and Kurt did not have the cash or even the creds to buy himself some wheels and the necessary amount of fuel that would take him to the next main center of population two hundred and fifty kilometers to the south.

Travelers, heading into the Rockies in the hopes that there they would find fresh fields, had to pass through Mocsin and consequently had to pay for the privilege, either in creds or in kind.

He'd cut his own path in one of the southern Baronies and discovered that, as long as he was paid for it—in food, creds or women—he didn't mind killing for his living.

All passes and food creds will then be issued and accommodation arranged separately.

All the time my father is drunk and wants to plug into me but he creds so much for liquor I don’.