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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Creasy \Creas"y\ (kr?s"?), a. Full of creases.


a. Full of creases.


Creasy may refer to:

  • Edward Shepherd Creasy (1812–1878), English historian
  • George Creasy (1895–1972), Royal Navy officer
  • Gerald Creasy (1897–1983), British colonial administrator
  • Kenneth Creasy (1932–1992), American politician
  • Robert Creasy (1939–2005), American computer scientist
  • Sara Creasy, Australian author
  • Stella Creasy (born 1977), British Labour Co-operative politician
  • Wynn Creasy (born 1957), American artist
Fictional characters
  • Marcus Creasy in the Man on Fire novel and sequels
  • John Creasy in the 1987 Man on Fire film
  • John Creasy in the 2004 Man on Fire film
  • Creasy Airport, in unincorporated Galveston County, Texas, United States

Usage examples of "creasy".

It was introduced by Larry Creasy with an Afterword by the inexhaustible S.

Creasy had phoned him that morning from Naples to tell him that he and his friend Guido would be arriving in Saigon within forty-eight hours.

Creasy was directly opposite her, with his Italian friend Guido to his right.

It was as though Creasy, Guido and The Owl were simply going about a routine task.

She felt hatred for Creasy and Guido, who loomed like monsters over the frail Oriental.

Susanna sat with Creasy and Guido on the patio, sipping a brandy and listening to them reminisce about old times and old comrades.

She passed it to Creasy who read it and then showed it to Jens, Guido and The Owl.

After finishing each page, Creasy passed his on to Susanna and Guido passed his on to Jennings.

She introduced him to Creasy and Guido and then listened while Creasy spoke a few words to him in French.

Creasy picked up one of the submachine-guns and then asked Nol Pol a question in French.

Both Nol Pol and Creasy were wearing the Trilux night sights strapped to their heads.

A minute later Creasy was talking to Lars Pedersen and two minutes later he had the information he wanted.