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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Crease \Crease\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Creased (kr?st); p. pr. & vb. n. Creasing.] To make a crease or mark in, as by folding or doubling.

Creased, like dog's ears in a folio.

  1. Having a crease or creases. v

  2. (en-past of: crease)


adj. having wrinkles; "crumpled paper"; "her skirt had become creased"; "a rumpled gray suit" [syn: crumpled, rumpled]

Usage examples of "creased".

He folded the paper over to the races at Tampa Downs and creased it sharply.

A furrow creased her forehead, but she gave her head a shake and the frown disappeared.

From the exchange, she had expected someone younger than Setalle Anan, but Reanne had hair more gray than not and a face full of what might have been smile lines, though they were creased in worry now.

She saw lines and planes so strong that she was reminded of a stone sculpture, straight dark brows over hazel eyes, and a high forehead creased in-pain?

Curiosity appeared in short order, her smooth brown face creased with surprise and considerable irritation.

She slept with her mouth slightly open, and her brow creased in concentration, as if this were another task set before her to prove her worth.

Curiosity came forward with her skirts snapping around her ankles, both hands outstretched and her face creased in a broad smile.

He was a smallish man, not much taller than themselves, with a strong-featured face creased by humour at the eyes and mouth, though with no sign of a smile now.

But his head turned again to Bran, as if by compulsion, back to the pale vulnerable figure standing there holding the sword Eirias, his white hair sleek in the mist and the tawny eyes creased a little against the light.