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init. (context pathology English) (initialism of carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae English)


Cré is a commune in the Sarthe department in the Pays de la Loire region in north-western France.

Usage examples of "cre".

London hospital id been working, Judith found it a : change to be offered a private job a charming patient, Lady Cres swell, District.

Judith Go lightly--Judith, this is Profess or Charles Cres swell, eminent his.

Profess or Cres swell lounged against the wall, his hands in the pockets of his elderly slacks.

For some reason she wanted to be out of the village away from the chance of meeting Profess or Cres swell.

Flat She was in front of the house, with the engine running, waiting for Uncle Tom to give her some last-minute instructions about the books she was to fetch, when Profess or Cres swell put his head through the window beside her.

She smiled a polite goodbye, got to her feet and turned round, straight into Profess or Cres swell.

She sighed and opened her eyes slowly, and looked straight at Charles Cres swell, sitting on another boulder a foot or two away.

Charles Cres swell was driving it--he lifted a hand in greeting as he flashed past, leaving her gawping at its fast disappearing elegance.

It was on her last day that she saw an article about Charles Cres swell in a newspaper, lauding him to the skies for his scholarship and brilliant research.

On the other side of the glass case was Charles Cres swell, looking at her with a nasty little smile on his handsome face.

At least she was on night duty, which meant she would never see Charles Cres swell.

They chatted happily enough for five minutes or so, during which time Lady Cres swell made no mention of her son at all.

Her patient was sitting up in bed looking charming in a pink bed jacket and discreet make-up, and sitting beside her was Charles Cres swell.

The red cell count was unsatisfactory and the white cell count was strongly indicative of leukaemia--not, it was thought, an acute type, which meant that with proper care and medication Lady Cres swell might live for a number of years yet.

Lady Cres swell had been crying, that was apparent to Judith the moment she opened the door of the room.