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Crawshay may refer to:

  • Crawshay Bailey (1789–1872), English industrialist who became one of the great iron-masters of Wales
  • David Crawshay (born 1979), Australian rower
  • Eliot Crawshay-Williams (1879–1962), British author, officer, and Liberal Party politician
  • Geoffrey Crawshay (1892–1954), Welsh soldier and social benefactor who is most notable for his connections to rugby union
  • Joseph Edward Crawshay Partridge (1890–1969), Welsh born international rugby union player
  • Richard Crawshay (1739–1810), London iron merchant and then South Wales ironmaster
  • Robert Thompson Crawshay (1817–1879), British ironmaster
  • Rose Mary Crawshay (1828–1907), English philanthropist, wife of Robert Thompson Crawshay
  • William Crawshay I (1764–1834), South Wales industrialist
  • William Crawshay II (1788–1867), the son of William Crawshay I