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n. (plural of craw English)

Usage examples of "craws".

Had you and I, and all the other so-called worthy persons, bred at every pairing, would we not by now by laqs and craws have overswarmed the pitiful resources of the Age of Freeze?

We must have been in the closest competition, craws of years ago, equally matched rivals for supremacy.

Our species evolved together from that stage, craws of years ago, when it became impossible for either of us to continue providing the necessary variant stimuli from our own internal resources.

She said, “But if you mean you want to use that method to launch spacecraft, you'd need laqs and craws of them!

It was bad enough to be overshadowed by anyone, but what truly stuck in the Purple Lords' craws was to find themselves so outclassed, and with such apparent lack of effort, by the "mongrelized" Axemen.

He showed her buzzards in pens that were fed nothing but white bread for days to clean the carrion from their craws before they were butchered and eaten.

Drive them not away, Nokomis, They have saved me from great peril In the body of the sturgeon, Wait until their meal is ended, Till their craws are full with feasting, Till they homeward fly, at sunset, To their nests among the marshes.

The fact that he'd been born rich might have stuck in a few craws, but he didn't flaunt it much.