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n. (plural of crawl English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: crawl)

Usage examples of "crawls".

They had been seen giving orders to crawls at various digs, but nothing provided clues as to their true identities.

It coughed and grasped the arrow as crawls and vylaens came to its aid.

He crawls out from under the canopy and stands up, staring out across the South China Sea.

Shaftoe crawls towards them on his belly and establishes that they are most definitely dead people.

Randy crawls down under the cover of that steam-cloud, sensing it's the last privacy he'll ever have, and sits down by the edge of the river to watch.

The child crawls forward, attempts a smile that turns out painfully weak.

Leda crawls into the tunnel from her side and methodically leads her wire toward the timer.

Karl pictures the first nine down there in the dark, the quiet, and a chill crawls over his scalp.

Collecting the pick in one hand, a flashlight in the other, Mick crawls through the burrow on his knees, the sounds from above quickly becoming muffled in his ears.

Too loathsome an object to stay under his own roof, he crawls out and sits on an ash heap, scraping his sores with a shard.

Natalie crawls to his feet and raises her mouth to do the horrible thing.

Air France isn't a terrorist target, Yossi, no government crawls to the Arabs like the French.

The Hercules crawls over the diagonal strip to the main runway, gathers speed and heaves up into the star-strewn sky, toward Lake Victoria.

Roweh says, speaking through a Mozart piano concerto as the car crawls in Battery Park traffic, "that in some strange fashion they may be doing the will of Allah.

He crawls to them, picks them up, and begins trying to stick them into the little pile of foolscap.