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n. 1 A cramping of muscles, especially in the abdomen or uterus. 2 (plural of cramp English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cramp)

  1. redirect Cramp

Usage examples of "cramps".

She'd had enough muscle cramps in her life to know that, but in the meantime oh God it hurt.

The cramps in her muscles grew steadily more frequent and more intense, but it wasn't intramuscular pain that made the hours between eleven and three so terrible.

The cramps mattered, and so did her horrible, tiresome sanity, but little else seemed to ­certainly the world outside this room had ceased to hold any real meaning for her.

She was exercising now only because the movement seemed to alleviate the cramps a little.

She supposed this numbness would finally overwhelm the cramps and that, in the end, her death might turn out to be quite merciful after all — like going to sleep in a snowbank — but it was moving much too slowly.

As the afternoon wore endlessly along, the first cramps began to strike into her belly, where all hunger pangs had now ceased, and into the overstressed tendons of her diaphragm.

Compared with the cramps which had been ripping at her for the last couple of hours, it was nothing.

It took only two efforts (the second thwarted by another of those paralyzing cramps across her diaphragm) to convince her that getting up was, at least for the time being, a bad idea.

Deann mentioned that she was feeling cramps and a certain amount of weakness, but in Karlyn's case there seemed to be no effect other than the bleeding and not much of that.

Courtney, as soon as her cramps passed, was back at work as if nothing had happened as was Shilan.

Without a word she got on the bed with him and began to knead the cramps away, her strong fingers working efficiently.

Finally she took him down and put him in the whirlpool, which relieved the cramps for the night.

He'd paid for his excesses the night before with agonizing cramps, and she had the feeling that tonight would be a repeat.

She half-turned her back to him as she rubbed her hands down the calf of his right leg, hoping that the vigorous massage would lessen any cramps he might have.

He paid for his determination every night with the torturous cramps that he suffered, but he didn't let up the killing pace he'd set for himself.