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Crain (band)

Crain was an indie band spawned from the same fertile early 1990s Louisville, Kentucky math rock scene that also gave birth to Slint and Rodan. Combining complex meter and composition with a hard-edged attack, the band was a fixture of the scene but failed to attain the same acclaim as their more well-known peers.

Crain released only two full-length albums and a handful of 7" records. The first, the Steve Albini-produced Speed was an early blueprint for those that would follow them in the fledgling post-rock and math rock movements.

Several line-up changes occurred during the life of the band. Only founding members Jon Cook and Tim Furnish remained throughout. The band broke up whilst in the studio recording their 3rd proper album in 1996.

Crain's Speed was remastered and reissued in 2005 by Temporary Residence Records along with some rare bonus tracks. Plans were made by various parties to release the final line-up's recordings but no actual document has ever surfaced.

Many of the members of Crain reunited in 2010 under their original moniker, Cerebellum. One show was in May for the Jason Noble Benefit with Endpoint. The other was to celebrate the re-release of the 1989 Cerebellum EP with new recordings. At both shows they performed King Octane, Ribcage, Proposed Production, and Monkeywrench from the Speed album along with most of the Cerebellum songs.


Crain may refer to:

Crain (surname)

Crain is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Clayton Crain, comic book artist
  • Dunham Jones Crain (1831–1908), New York politician and diplomat
  • Floyd H. Crain (born 1929), American politician
  • Jeanne Crain (1925–2003), actress
  • Jesse Crain (born 1981), baseball player
  • Joel Burditt Crain (1813–1887), Sergeant Major to Sam Houston
  • John L. Crain, president of Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Kurt Crain (1964–2012), American football player
  • Thomas C. T. Crain (1860–1942), New York County D.A.
  • William C. Crain (1798–1865), New York politician