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n. (plural of crag English).

Usage examples of "crags".

  Upward, on the right, led giant steps of cliff and bench and weathered slope to the fir-bordered and pine-fringed crags standing dark and bare against the stormy sky.

Then, with that perversity of character of which she was wholly conscious, she was humble, submissive, reverent, and fearful even while she gloried in the grandeur of the dark, cloud-shadowed crags and canons, the stupendous strife of sound, the wonderful driving lances of white fire.

  She looked up to see looming crags and spires, like huge pipe-organs, dark at the base and growing light upward.

  Through an opening between crags Madeline caught a momentary glimpse of the west.

 She saw a level space, green with long grass, bright with flowers, dotted with groves of graceful firs and pines and spruces, reaching to superb crags, rosy and golden in the sunlight.

  Wider gaze took in a wonderful park, not only surrounded by lofty crags, but full of crags of lesser height, many lifting their heads from dark-green groves of trees.

  To Madeline's surprise, the park was not a little half-mile nook nestling among the crags, but extended farther than they cared to walk, and was rather a series of parks.

  When she opened her eyes the shadows of the crags stretched from the west, and between them streamed a red-gold light.

  It was Helen and Dorothy who wanted to explore the crags and canons, and when they could not get the others to accompany them they went alone, giving the cowboy guides many a long climb.

  It will be especially interesting now, because this mountain hides somewhere under its crags the treasures of the lost mine of the padres.

Companionship with Nels and most of the cowboys was in its effect like that of the rugged pines and crags and the untainted wind.

  It was the middle of a summer afternoon, and all about her were shadows of the crags crossing the sunlit patches.

  They smoked and looked about the camp, off into the woods, up at the crags, and back at the leisurely cowboys.

  The crags were a famous rendezvous for Apaches–it's near the border–almost inaccessible–good water and grass.

  The great stars, blinking white and cold over the dark crags, looked down upon her, and, as always, after she had watched them for a while they enthralled her.