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sym. crore


CR or Cr may refer to:

Usage examples of "cr".

Le cri des grillons dechirait le grand silence de la nuit, et la lune levee au-dessus des arbres argentait les allees du parc desert.

Every runner I know would give their right nut to work with Argent, and half the cred involved.

Actually, Crim knew most of what was wrong with her even though she did not, but he had no quick fix for the problem nor any confidence she could deal with much of it if she heard it from him.

Practice Session ETANALON WAS STARTLED to find Crim relaxing on her living room couch when she awoke, even though her magical sense told her that this was no enemy.

Like Kira inside Crim or Crim inside Kira, it was creating great stress and unhappiness and had the potential to drive her mad, a potential almost realized in her initial situation with this potion-created mate of hers, and after, where she has always taken the easy way out to flee her own inner demons.

They talked freely, and, as Crim had warned, it was kind of tough not to object to some of it, as when Meda referred to the native population of Gashom as Slimeys, but Sam restrained herself, realizing that, no matter how wrong it was, these girls right now desperately needed somebody, some category, lower than they were, and they took the first and only cultural target of opportunity available.

She knew Crim well enough to take him at his word, and she went out and immediately rang the bell loud and long for all it was worth.

At that moment Crim and Ladar opened up a sudden, withering crossfire, and men and horses went down in a bloody mess in the clearing.

I guess he thought Crim was dead, and if sunset had been another five minutes, or those guys had waited until dawn, he would be.

Now Crim and Kira were gonna die for her, too, and maybe most or alt of the people she loved here!

If Crim and Zamofir had found her, then others would, and that horned bastard would never stop, never, until he killed her and maybe saved the baby to raise, to try again with a Storm Princess raised from me cradle to do his bidding.

It had to be, because it was day, and there was Crim, coming in the door, and he looked okay!

It was tempting, really tempting, but first Boday, then Crim, talked to Boolean.

Misa, then Crim and Kira, Yobi, the great overland journey and her mental breakdown on it, Etanalon and her magic mirrors, then the unexpected life with four husbands and an extended family in a primitive place, the attack by Zamofir, the rescue, the body switching ploy, and all the restit all seemed, somehow, like something in a dream, a panorama, that had a few good parts but was mostly nightmare.

War of the Maelstrom THEY FLOATED DOWN through the hole, which was wide enough for both Crim and Boday to drop first, Crim with the machine gun ready, Boday with the crossbow, to cover both angles.