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The Collaborative International Dictionary

CPU \CPU\, cpu \c.p.u.\n. abbr. 1. (Computers) The central processing unit, that part of the electronic circuitry of a computer in which the arithmetic and logical operations are performed on input data, which are thereby converted to output data; it is usually located on the mainboard, or motherboard, of a computer. The CPU and the memory form the central part of a computer to which the peripherals are attached. Most personal computers as of 1998 had only one CPU, but some computers may have more than one CPU. [acronym]

Syn: central processing unit, CPU, C.P.U., central processor, processor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1970, abbreviation of central processing unit.


n. (context computer hardware English) central processing unit

CPU (disambiguation)

CPU is a computer's central processing unit.

CPU may also refer to:

Usage examples of "cpu".

I hacked into his CPU, bypassed his main operating system and accessed his subroutines.

When everything went to hell and the CPU began spewing out random bits, the result, on a CLI machine, was lines and lines of perfectly formed but random characters on the screen--known to cognoscenti as "going Cyrillic.

This little old 80286 CPU has got a math coprocessor so it should rustle through the computations like crazy.

She's written assembly language on numerous platforms, including routines to test the instruction set of a new CPU chip.

In a GUI machine, the chips that draw things on the screen have to be integrated with the computer's central processing unit, or CPU, to a far greater extent than is the case with command-line interfaces, which until recently didn't even know that they weren't just talking to teletypes.

Her computer operation-keyboard, monitor, CPU, video camera-is gone.

What's needed here is more historical research, not more CPU time.

I can stay cloaked without much effort, sipping a few milliseconds of CPU time here, a few there.

If my opponents devote CPU time to analyzing my taunts and formulating retorts, that increases my chances of winning.

Finally I sign up for several hours of CPU time on a supercomputer.

It's simply a matter of running the right simulations: of course, you need good software, and an awful lot of CPU time.

And you won't believe how much CPU time it took to figure that out!

It will link your synapses and mental processes directly to my own Main CPU and gestalt, thus permitting direct exchange of data and orders and responses with much greater clarity and at vastly increased speed.

It took a few hours to reprogram the ERV flight simulator to mimic the behavior of the vehicle with the central flight control CPU out of the loop.

Blondie realized that the helmet CPU was making guesstimates based on its analysis of the echoes.