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init. 1 (context medicine English) current procedure terminology 2 (context incoterm English) Carriage Paid To 3 carpet. 4 (context dated African American English) Colored People's Time


CPT or Cpt may stand for:

CPT (file format)

The CPT file format is a graphics file format used by some versions of Corel Photo Paint. It is also possible to open CPT version 6 files with IrfanView, but not with Paint Shop Pro (although it is from Corel). CPT version 6 is an almost identical copy of the TIFF format, whereas since Corel Photo-Paint 7.0 (released in 1997), this was deprecated for a new proprietary format (known as CPT7), however the user can still export the older TIFF-based CPT6 files.

Corel Photo Paint is not released as a standalone program. It is part of the Corel Draw Graphics Suite, available only for Windows.

The .cpt extension is also used for files encrypted using ccrypt, and also for screen captures in the video game Tekken Tag Tournament (PlayStation 2), which are saved to the Memory Card.

Category:Graphics file formats

CPT (programadora)

CPT (Compañía Productora de Televisión) was a Colombian programadora that operated in several incarnations from 1979 to 2003.