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CPAC (TV channel)

The Cable Public Affairs Channel , better known by its acronym CPAC , is a Canadian Category A cable and satellite specialty television channel owned by a consortium that includes among other part-owners Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications, Vidéotron, Cogeco and EastLink. The channel is devoted to coverage of public and government affairs, including carrying a full, uninterrupted feed of proceedings of the House of Commons of Canada, with two audio channels, one in English and the other in French. CPAC is similar to services in other countries including C-SPAN ( United States), EuroparlTV ( European Union), La Chaîne parlementaire ( France), Phoenix ( Germany), BBC Parliament ( United Kingdom) and TV Câmara, TV Senado, TV Brasil, and TV NBR ( Brazil), some of which (particularly C-SPAN) occasionally supply programming to CPAC.

CPAC's main purpose is the broadcast of proceedings of the House of Commons. Other programming includes meetings of The House of Commons and Canadian Senate parliamentary committees, occasional Supreme Court proceedings, political conventions, conferences, committees and coverage of general elections. CPAC also airs the proceedings of certain Royal Commissions and judicial enquiries. Proceedings of the Senate are not carried as the upper house has yet to agree to allow its sessions to be televised. On April 25, 2006, Senator Hugh Segal moved that the proceedings of the Senate be televised; the motion was referred to the Senate Standing Committee on Rules, Procedures and the Rights of Parliament for consideration, but as of 2016 has never been approved by the full Senate.

In 2003, at the behest of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, CPAC and its carriers started to allow television viewers to choose which language they can hear the service in, putting the feed of one language on the service's main audio channel and the feed of the other language on its second audio program channel. Some cable systems also offer the two feeds on separate channels for easier access. CPAC has also offered a "floor" feed, a feed that does not carry any simultaneous translation, although due to the changes noted above, it may not remain in use over cable or satellite television.

A choice between all three feeds are offered on CPAC's free Internet video stream available on the channel's website.


CPAC may refer to:

  • Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual gathering of conservative activists in the United States
  • CPAC (TV channel), a Canadian legislature broadcaster television channel
  • Carpenter Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of California State University, Long Beach
  • Central Plains Athletic Conference, now known as the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference
  • CPAC, Inc., the parent company of the Fuller Brush Company and Stanley Home Products
  • The United States State Department's Cultural Property Advisory Committee
  • CPAC Systems AB, Integrator of embedded control systems, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Castle Point Anime Convention, an annual anime convention held in Hoboken, New Jersey