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init. 1 cyberpunk 2 corporal punishment 3 custodial parent 4 copy-protected 5 (context British English) County Primary or Community Primary (school) 6 Communist party 7 child pornography 8 cerebral palsy 9 (context linguistics English) complementizer phrase 10 (context military English) command post 11 (context physics English) charge-parity


CP, Cp, cP, cp, cp., or C.P. may refer to:

Cp (Unix)

cp is a UNIX command for copying files and directories. The command has three principal modes of operation, expressed by the types of arguments presented to the program for copying a file to another file, one or more files to a directory, or for copying entire directories to another directory.

The utility further accepts various command line option flags to detail the operations performed. The two major specifications are POSIXcp and GNUcp. GNU cp has many additional options over the POSIX version.

Usage examples of "cp".

Board of Education of Topeka, which dictated that schools be desegregated, many black CPS students continued to attend schools that were nearly all-black.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION The production of extraperceptual auditory stimuli involves manipulation of the laryngeal musculature in a manner that generates overtones well above the 20 000 cycles per second (cps) limit for conscious reception Bene Gessent training enables adepts to control the thyro-arytenoid vocalis and cncothyroid muscles so as to intentionally regulate vocal quality in a man ner that generated specific frequencies with in the 25,000-35,000 cps range Normal phonation, caused by tension of the vocal folds to effect condensations and rarefactions of the airstream, operates within a range of 500 to 4,000 cps, with random and only partially controlled overtones .

We get a CPS, and this has now been confirmed on an ordinary savvyometer, which we modified to accommodate an extremely low frequency range.

But the CPS made a basic error in their opening statements by revealing knowledge that the Algerians had disclosed only to their defence lawyers in the Belmarsh legal visits rooms.

A prosthetic device, almost invisible, to enhance human hearing through 30,000 cps.

It made available a database of the test answers for every CPS student from third grade through seventh grade from 1993 to 2000.