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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coz \Coz\ (k[u^]z), n. A contraction of cousin.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, familiar abbreviation of cousin.


Etymology 1 n. (context informal English) cousin (context usually as a term of address English). Etymology 2

alt. (context informal English) because conj. (context informal English) because


Coz may refer to:

  • Claude Le Coz (1740-1815), French Catholic bishop
  • Coz Kerrigan (21st century), British musician
  • David Gutiérrez de Coz (born 1980), Spanish football (soccer) defender
  • Cozumel, Mexico

Usage examples of "coz".

It took only a moment to discover that he and Coz had both been robbed.

After dinner, Coz got him out a pipe which he proceeded to stuff with manure, or so it smelled when he got the thing alight.

Now Verily hardly knew what the story was about, and he certainly did not know this Coz fellow Abe was talking about.

That was when Alvin became vaguely aware of the voices of Mike and Abe and Coz, somewhere in the distance, whooping and hollering like little boys.

My dear coz, the placid Teutonic mind is impervious to anything so unphilosophical.

Tell me, little coz, what makes you give up all your ease to make these people happy?

You would be amused, coz, to see the lady mother and Isabelle joining forces to lay siege to his affections.

Verily hardly knew what the story was about, and he certainly did not know this Coz fellow Abe was talking about.

I tell you, coz, that no man can come within seventeen feet of me without catching a spark.

For, coz, since all thoughts are things, you have but to think a pair of herrings, and then conjure up a pottle of milk wherewith to wash them down.

I should not rest quiet in the grave, coz, if I had not another turn at them.

But tell me, dear coz, what shall we do next, when we have driven this bastard Henry from the kingdom which he hath filched?

Ah couldnae hav been lookin whate ah wiz goin coz a giv ma heid a terribil dunt on some ded low doorway.

Geeza fukin brake, I thoght, but it wiz okay coz I didnae get hit by enythin, so I had a wee peek up whare the sters had been but it was just open ayr up thare now.

The sorserir gave me directshins an sum advyce an that, but ah had a nippy heid at the time coz and been drinkin the wine the night befoar an so ah didnae reelly take in aw he wiz sayin an besides ah woz all ecsited coz ah wiz getting tae go intae the Underground at last.