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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coyness \Coy"ness\, n. The quality of being coy; feigned o? bashful unwillingness to become familiar; reserve.

When the kind nymph would coyness feign, And hides but to be found again.

Syn: Reserve; shrinking; shyness; backwardness; modesty; bashfulness.


n. The property of being coy.


n. the affectation of being demure in a provocative way [syn: demureness]

Usage examples of "coyness".

Nicholai said this last, without braggadocio and without British coyness, as he might have said he was left-handed, or green-eyed.

With no coyness whatsoever, Marcie excused herself to change into something more comfortable.

It seemed to her that, for the time, she had parted with all flimsy dignity and conventional reticence and coyness, as if she had flung away her conscience to be picked up by vulgar, happy, unimperilled women.

I only answered by an incredulous smile, which, for all his monastic subtlety, struck him as the expression of a young girl's coyness.

The source of woman's persistent and effec­tive control over man, the thing that makes him subject to all her intolerances, whims, and bewildering coyness, is the simple fact of her perennial availability.