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Coxe is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alfred Conkling Coxe, Sr., American federal judge
  • Alfred Conkling Coxe, Jr., American federal judge
  • Arthur Cleveland Coxe, American bishop, son of Samuel Hanson Cox
  • Daniel Coxe, English governor of West Jersey
  • Henry Octavius Coxe, English scholar
  • Hopewell Coxe, American politician
  • Coxe, also known as John Coxe, was an adopted name of Naukane, a 19th-century Hawaiian labourer for the North West and Hudson's Bay Companies
  • Louis O. Coxe, American poet
  • Tench Coxe, early American economist and politician
  • William Coxe, English historian

Usage examples of "coxe".

Instead of shuffling between residences, the kids, Allison and Eddie, were to remain in the family home and the Coxes would alternate, moving in and out every few days.

Pickney in consequence of the publication of the letter to Coxe, Adams fully exonerated, in a published letter, both Pickney and his brother from any suspicion which his letter to Coxe might seem calculated to convey.

Martha Aikens, Ann Coxe Toogood, and Frances Delmar of the National Park Service staff at Independence Park.